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RuedaMatic - how to try it out!

Teach yourself RuedaMatic...

The easiest approach is to start with the Caller setting (top menu bar at right). Load a song, play, click on moves to change them as you like.

But what if you want to do a new song, from scratch, by yourself?

Things get more interesting if you want to be a Wizard ... the next step after being a Caller.

RuedaMatic can do a lot for you then...

First step: Tell RM about this music!

  1. 🎵 "Where IS the music?"

    • Get a new nifty danceable song in M4A or MP4 form.
    • Put it in your PC Music folder.
    • Songs tab: click Browse and load the file.
  2. 👞 "Where are the 1 counts?".

    • Click mode Beats (not Gears or Call Sequence - mode radio buttons)
    • Click Record new beats when ready!
    • On each "1" count you hear, hit the space bar.
    • When done, save the song.
    • Afterwards... click on each "Beat" to fix issues.
  3. ❗ "And, where does the music come on strong?"

    • Click the Gears radio button, and listen to the music.
    • When a STRONG beat comes along in the music, set the gear to "Refresh".
    • At the bomba ("break") of a song, set one beat to "Climax" or "Spicy".
    • Only Refresh/Climax/Spicy gears are used by automatic calling. Other gears are ignored.
    • Try not to put these gears close together. Typically, at max of 1 per 8 'beats'.

OK now, play with moves to your song, as above. On the dashboard, you can select Automatic play mode, then load a song.

💡 Try hovering your mouse over various forms and controls! It will help you understand what you can do.

💡 Try the Autofill option for adding moves, and you can get combinations automatically that make sense. Then fine tune them as you like. If you've set the Gears right, the steps will fit the music!

💡 Eventually, a wizard would porobably explore the Moves tab. And then, the Combo graphs.

💡 If you make branches on a Combo graph, the program can randomly choose a specific "permutation" or "perm" as we call it. And you can weight the probability of picking each branch (Autofill).