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RM-Spot known issues

RM-spot is a web client, using the Spotify Developer Web API. The project aims to bring RuedaMatic to the web, teamed with the Spotify song base.

It is found at the URL NOTE: it doesn't support phone screens well; try to use it on a desktop (even a Mac).

The CON side: You need to be a paid-up Spotify member. The PRO side: Then you don't need to buy/download your own MP3 copies of the music: it uses the Spotify songs you already pay for.

And oh yes, one more CON side: there are a few issues that you can run into currently.

Why? Spotify will "run fast and break things"

No widely-used app has attempted what Spotify does: sharing media and device control across ALL devices using the same account.

That means that you can plug your computer into a party room sound system, and put on a Spotify playlist. Then, go to your phone somewhere else, and start Spotify on your phone. And see the same songs, take control of the same playlist or other playlists... and still be using the party room speakers.

It sounds a bit like the remote controls we are all used to.

But... done the HARD way, via internet synchronization. It works across the room. But it also could work around the world.

Since they are virtually pioneers trying this, there are problems. They seem to also test code changes by just "going live" with a small group of their users. (A/B testing).

Here are some recent issues and workarounds that affect RM-spot.

Songs are shuffled unasked; click on one song, another song plays

There are occasinoal issues around shuffle features in playlists.

You may need to poke Spotify hard... to get the shared state of your account completely out of shuffle mode. (Which you didn't ask for anyway.)

One workaround that has worked:

  • go to a PC, start Spotify (use the SAME account)
  • this CAN be the same computer that is running RM-spot
  • Click a different playlist than the one playing
  • Click the shuffle icon ON, in the header (upper) area of the screen
  • Play just one second of music, then click pause
  • Click that same shuffle icon OFF
  • Go to the Play Controls at the bottom of the screen
  • Turn on the shuffle there, and play a second of the current song.
  • Note this shuffle control currently has three states: shuffle, smart shuffle, and OFF.
  • Click enough times to turn it OFF.
  • Go to the RM-spot client. Click Logout in settings, then log in again.

Presto: the playlist is back to normal. At least, that's what we got several times 😉.

The Play Controls (bottom of the screen) show only a spinner

This could be because another device is using the same account, and is actually playing music.

But also, it can be an issue device sharing. You can try this to "unconfuse" Spotify:

  • go to a PC, start Spotify (use the SAME account)
  • Click on the device icon, in the lower right area.
  • CHANGE the device to "This Computer"
  • Close the PC Spotify
  • Go to the RM-spot client. Click Logout in settings, then log in again.

Presto: the app is behaving again, controls visible and ready.

In case of problems: there is always the PC app "RuedaMatic editor", download from these pages! Nothing so weird happens there... 😉