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Timba Musicality for Rueda de Casino

Salsa Suelta: that's musicality

We've all seen the Cuban ladies dancing at the stage... working with the band, reacting note by note, phrase by phrase... to the music.

Good suelta dancers explain in motion what the musicians are doing in sound. They make it sound bigger and better.

But also, they ride the waves of the music to heights they could never reach without it.

So there's a synergy, even a love affair between the bands, and their dancers. And by dancers... they mean "salsa suelta dancers"!

Rueda de Casino: not so easy...

Nice rueda sequences are hard to call for most of us humans. On top of that, to respond to timba's gear-grinding challenges... THAT takes a wizard.

So rueda with timba... too often, they end up like two waves that interfere - rather than reinforce. Guapea during a blazing horn mambo? It's like pouring water on the fire!

Eventually... why subject yourself to the challenges of timba... if you never respond? It doesn't feel good.

So, the rueda school may stop playing timba... and play calmer, simpler salsa. That's when we hear people say they are getting bored.

How is it possible for Cuban style dancers to be bored... when Cuba has the best dance music ever?

This program makes it easy for any rueda group to meet the timba challenge... as they should!