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Timba Musicality for Rueda de Casino

Salsa Suelta: that's musicality

You've likely seen the Cubans dancing at the stage... solo, but in unison, mostly ladies... working with the timba bands... reacting to every gear shift.

The sophisticated state of timba music, and of the dancing today, is largely the result of these dancers and the musicians challenging each other, week after week "raising the bar".

So you can usually see the suelta dancers dancing so tight with the music... at any venue in Cuba, but the "action central" is La Tropical in Havana.

Rueda de Casino: "take the 8-count, forget the drama"

The band goes into a wild bomba... the suelta dancers match the energy... doing a despelote!

It looks good to the fans, working so tight with the music.

And it makes sense to a newcomer: music and dance work together - building a clear, strong emotional effect.

Not so the rueda.

Yes, they may be dancing correctly to the 8-count - but the connection to the music seems missing.

If you watched as a newcomer, you could easily see the disconnect... and have a reason to be unimpressed!

Truth: it's hard to be a good rueda caller. Thinking of moves and sequences that work well is a challenge, without trying to respond to musical drama.

You don't have to stop playing timba... and play calmer, simpler salsa.

Timba is just too good for dancers to leave it behind.

Now there's RuedaMatic to help you bridge the gap.

The rueda calls made by the progam should be usable directly by dancers.

However... we suggest you consider using the automated calls as a prompt... but CALL AND LEAD THE MOVES live too! Dancers engage more, with a live caller leading by voice and action.

You can adjust when the calls are heard: during count 1, count 2, count 3... If you set this to call on count 1, you will have more time to vocalize and motivate "live".

Eventually you may find the program is enough, without a "live caller".

CREDIT: Rueda graphic based on the excellent video from Boogalu, Rueda de Buen Aché

NEW Watch a 1 minute install, 2 minutes of playtime

(Clip was revised for the NEW interface of v3.1.3... lots more ways to organize your music)

A couple more clips demonstrating the prevalence of "suelta" (solo) dancing in Cuba!

Oh, and one more thing...

A better way to learn Rueda de Casino

  • Don't turn off the music, don't memorize foot placements, don't dance like a walrus!
  • Learn rueda stepping via salsa suelta
  • That's how Cubans learn flow, connection to music, personal expression: you can too!
  • Powered by RuedaMatic software

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