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Musicality and Rueda[RM image]

Using RuedaMatic today

NOTE: Please understand, RuedaMatic is a wide-ranging system that presents many opportunities for development. And development continues!

Compatibility from one version to the next is not assured!

But if you want more than 1 version on yur PC: the best way is to set up SEPARATE USER accounts on your computer. This is well supported by Windows.

You might like to develop schemes/combos/ruedas in one account, and use the other to play with new versions.

New version changes will be about tuning algorithms for automatic calling, and building combinations of moves used by the algorithms for automatic calls.

Here's where we are heading in the future:

Using the RM program, you'll notice automatic calls are better timed with the music, than most callers can achieve.

The best sequences however... come from composing preset ruedas. Get the music really working WITH the dancing...

You can build "combos", combinations of moves. And use them to manually generate random combinations to fit the music. Or manually add moves one-by-one.

Then you adjust the moves to fit the music just the way you feel it. Even beginners will instantly feel how cool it is... to DANCE TO THE MUSIC.

Download RuedaMatic

Version 6.0.2 Built Sat May 11, 2024 - (04:00 PM)

Get the setup by clicking HERE.


There's also a Spotify web app - for premium (non-free) members of Spotify - RM-spot.

NOTE: The RM-spot web app uses the Spotify developer API — which is sometimes unstable. We'll keep an eye on how it's working!

But ... yes... it IS very cool to hear rueda calls using your Spotify music!