Wizards - see it done


See the previous "Wizards". page if you haven't yet, then continue here!

This page will present a few video clips of Wizard concepts ... in action!

Beats, Gears, and Calls together... from Scratch!

Best seen in Full Screen, use the control the video!

Clave change, and all that - made easy!

Best seen in Full Screen, use the control the video!

Clave change, from the Caller's view...

If a Caller user clicks on a regular 8-count beat to give it a move... he/she will see all available moves. Of course, all regular moves have a duration of at least one measure... maybe 2, 3, or more measures.

If they click on a "Cambio" gear move... that is, irregular beat... the list includes all moves that have duration = 0.

Of course, no move is done in zero time. It just means we clicked on an irregular measure, and all the irregular moves have a length of 0, in the move catalog.

That's just a convention to keep these special moves separated.

What kind of move would you do in 4 counts? I suggest for starters, a Mambo Corto - half a mambo!

Or you could fall back to the old-fashioned "Foto" move... very traditional!

Misc tips

If you make changes in one tab, usually they will be reflected right away in other tabs of RuedaMatic Editor. For example, if you change the name of a move on the Moves page, you'll see the new name if you are building a sequence on the Songs page.

But some changes... like adding a new move MP3 file to the "vueltas" directory after the program has started... that just might be too tricky for RME to catch 😉.

IF IT HAPPENS: Try changing to a different scheme and back again. Or, if you only have one scheme, you can close RME and restart it... takes a few seconds!