Other ways to use

For Everyday Dancing

Good calling isn't easy

...with Ruedamatic, no matter who shows up, quality rueda calling is guaranteed.

For Music Analysis

Compare phrases

...click one measure... then the corresponding measure in the next phrase... you will understand more about how the musicians build the music. All kinds of musical tricks are going on in timba music, now you have another tool to figure that out.

For Performances

Focus on dancing

You can tackle more intricate and responsive choreography... you can always match that bomba the band is laying down, with a timely despelote ... and have more fun...

Red Rocket Rumberos with an early version of the program in 2009.

For Teaching Videos

Video with captions

Push button "SSA" on the Songs tab. And you have correctly timed subtitles for your dancing videos.

You can display the move name just as the dancer or rueda hits each move. Subtitles are in the SSA (SubStation Alpha) format, one of the most flexible formats.

If you don't have expensive video software, free apps can do the job. For example: you can sync the subtitles using "Subtitle Workshop", easily delaying all moves by a few seconds to match your video... as needed.

Then you can embed the subtitles in the video, using AviDemux... also free software!

Subtitle Workshop tips

  • SYNC THE FIRST CALL: Advance video to precisely beat 1 of FIRST call, select the 1st call in the subtitle list. Then, click "Set Show Time".
  • SYNC THE REMAINING CALLS: Advance video to precisely beat 1 of the SECOND call, and select the 2nd call in the subtitle list. But in the same selection, include all the calls following beat 2 as well to the end of the file.

Save... and done!

( reason: the first call is sometimes non-typical )

Avidemux tips

If you are not a video expert... there are pitfalls. There are many individual settings, and it's hard to know what's going to work. If you are not a video expert, chances are good there will be a problem. Your result may not be compatible with HTML5, or an editor, or your hosting service.

In that case... we suggest these settings. In combination, they produce very compatible files... in my experience! (P.S. If you are expert and have ideas, feel free to suggest improvements...)

  • Video Output
    • Select mpeg4 AVC (x264) codec.
    • Set video filter to
      • include Subtitles (SSA)
      • rotate, crop: see choices if needed
      • other filters as you like
  • Audio Output
    • select AAC (lav)
    • Filter: level the audio - automatic mode, maximum value = 0.00 db.
  • Output Format
    • MP4 Muxer

"Save" is the button that produces your output file. It might be good enough already! Or...

VSDC Free Video Editor tip

Now you have something fully usable. But... if you want to make it pretty, run it through your favorite video editor. If you don't have one, a good free one is "VSDC Free Video Editor".