RuedaMatic Editor is a program for PCs running Microsoft Windows. (Although it is written using Electron - which means, it could run on Mac and Linux - someday.)

RuedaMatic Player is a program for Android phones and tablets. It's easy to push a scheme, with all its songs and sequences, from the PC to the phone... in just a few seconds.

GET the PC app:

PLEASE REFRESH this page in your browser -- to ensure you have the latest


Get the setup by clicking HERE. (latest v3.1.16)

That will download a zip file to your computer. In that zip file, there's a Setup that will install the program. (Ask for "More Info" at the security warning)

If you need help with that, check here.

Search for "Install from a download"... about half-way down that page. (You can locate it quicker using Ctrl+F.)

Quick look at a 1 minute install, 2 minutes of playtime - v3.1.3+

GET the Android app:

Click here: "To Android" ... on this site.

Summary of Changes for a release

See changes here: "Release Notes"