The To Android tab

The PC app is called "RuedaMatic Editor". You can create all the things needed by RuedaMatic:

  1. Caller level: move sequence files.
  2. Wizard level: beats files, moves, schemes.

After you've created your rueda... You don't have to only play it on your PC. The song and calls can be transferred to your Android phone.

The Android side program is called "RuedaMatic Player".

Get the Android program, using a web browser on your phone or tablet.

  1. Go to site:
  2. Click on RuedaMatic
  3. Click on the link the "To Android" tab (i.e., this tab, but on your phone!).

Then from your phone, touch here to download: Android install file

If you haven't installed an Android program this way before, read this:

NEW Watch 2 minutes of sending music and calls to our Android phone

How does the phone player work?

It works like a pretty standard Android music player, with many typical features. It's built from open source software (Vanilla Music).

The FTP Tool recommended in the video is this one: Click here. But if you'd rather use another one you are familiar with, that works fine.

The 'To Android' tab works by uploading a scheme that is on your PC, to your phone. One scheme at a time can be uploaded. It will bring all the needed files: beat files that you have... moves used in the scheme... with their MP3 call files... and call sequences for all songs you have prepared. It will even send the currently loaded music file, if you need that.

When you play a song on the player, it checks if there exists a beats file for that song. If yes: it checks for a sequence file, within that scheme.

If both these things are available, the rueda calls are heard on the Android device... the same as on the PC app.

SETTINGS: In the Android app settings, there are THREE RuedaMatic settings, in the 'Miscellaneous Features' section.

  • Disable RuedaMatic automated calling: If checkbox is ON... Player plays the music like a normal player and ignores the calls.
  • RuedaMatic Music Volume Override: Cut back the music volume on a slider, if that is necessary to properly hear the calls.
  • Adjust timing of when the calls are heard: Start the call with the 1, 2, 3, or 4 count

For more info in the PC app (RME)... go to the tab called "To Android"... and follow the instructions there.

Original Player documentation

More Player Features - Click here: "Original Android Player documentation: (Vanilla Music)" ... which links to GitHub.