So... Schemes?


A scheme is a basic repertory of moves, for a given style and community.

It's like the list canonized by SalsaNor. Salsaddiction's list is another. Jose Barretto describes calling paradigms that you could also consider schemes.

We've done some basic schemes. And we will add calls on request. If you are a "wizard" creating schemes of your own, you can share them via our site too.

For example... we've done a separate scheme for salsa suelta: it has it's own moves.

And as you can imagine... other uses are possible!


Users come in two flavors for this program. Wizards create the schemes and beats... Callers use them, without seeing the details.


You'll chose an existing scheme that you are interested in... could be "normal basic rueda".

Then you'll pick songs you want to dance to, and get the music MP3 if you don't have it. You can download the beats files from our website. The beats files are made by Wizards who revel in the technical details. See the Get Music tab: you should purchase the identical music file that was used to create the beats file.

After you download what you want, load it, go to the songs tab... and build your rueda calling sequence. See the Intro video for hints.

You can also send your called song over to your phone... and from there, play it via a sound system at a club, or at your events.


Wizards build the schemes, with all their moves, durations, comments. They may also build beats files for new songs, and share them via this website.

See the "RuedaMatic Wizards" page for more information.