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Beats... sample songs... schemes

Before you can set rueda calls for a song, you need 2 things:

  1. The music file (usually MP3 or M4A) for the song
  2. A matching "beats" file, that tells RuedaMatic where the beats are in the song

As time goes by, more beats files for more songs will be available, on the "Get More" tab of RuedaMatic Editor. Click the "List" button, and you can see what's new.

There are prompts to avoid overwriting files when you already have a version of a beats file for a certain song.

For example.... On the list, Select the "compases_para_canciones" item, and the latest collection of beats for various timba songs will be brought up to date. We'll replace your old beats directory with a new updated version... with the old songs, and more songs that you use with the program.

You too can create new beats files for new songs... and more... if you aspire to be a "WIZARD".

For a particular scheme, like "basic rueda"... you might want to add new calls... see the Wizards tab "WIZARD schemes".