Release Notes, Upgrading, Bugs


We are still in the pre-release phase, and will be for a while longer. If you find bugs... I'd appreciate if you could send them to:

We may have a structured bug clearing system at some point.

But for now, tell us the best you can: what you did, what you expected, what you actually saw happen. And any relevant comments, especially:

  • is it repeatable
  • were there previous actions that seem important to seeing the bug



  • UPGRADES TO 'RuedaMatic Editor' PROGRAM

    • You can upgrade from older software to new software without problems
  • UPGRADES TO DATA (that is - the Get More tab)

    • If you have been using old data (schemes, moves, sequences) AND you want to save that work:
      • MAKE SURE you rename the root scheme directory to your own name e.g.
        • 'scheme_rueda_normal_basica': rename it to 'scheme_rueda_my-name'. MUST BEGIN WITH 'scheme_' but after that, anything you like.
        • then you can download the latest version on the Get More page without overwriting.
        • both the distributed schemes, and your own schemes, will be usable within RME program
      • REASON: for pre-release, we might delete, rename, change duration of moves. That could cause problems if you use moves based on an old scheme.
      • AFTER RELEASE: Promise, we'll no longer delete moves, change spelling, change duration. We'll just add new moves. FOR NOW, separate your scheme!
  • UPGRADES TO or Android 'RuedaMatic Player' PROGRAM

    • No issues expected. If you do upgrade the Windows main program, and you use the Android side: you should also upgrade it too for compatability.



  • RuedaMatic Editor (desktop app) as of August 2020
    • Ensured that M4A files are equal citizens along with MP3 files, as the main music files used in RuedaMatic.
      • Google Play Music has been the biggest store selling DRM-free Cuban music.
      • As of this fall, they will fold into Youtube Music, and no longer sell MP3 files. Their future is streaming only.
      • There are still big players who sell DRM-free MP3, e.g. 7digital, Amazon,
      • However it's not possible to ignore iTunes any more, as they have best Cuban catalog after the Google store goes dark.
      • the NUB: iTunes provides DRM-free music files. However, it's only M4A format.
      • we already supported m4a somewhat, but now it's tested throughout the life cycle on all tabs of the desktop app.
      • this includes the use ffmpeg md5 checksum to identify that the music stream in one file is identical to another
        • which includes testing that the checksum is not based on the entire file, only the music stream
        • which also means: changes to the "tag" fields (title, album, comments etc) do NOT affect the checksum
      • PLUS tested on the Android player app


  • note: new download package as of June 9, 2009. Includes a modified Android program
  • RuedaMatic Player (Android app) [concurrent release, but no version level change in product]
    • Playback:
      • When timeline is scrubbed during play with calls, the calls are cancelled.
        • Changing the schedule of calls scheduled with calling in progress can't be done well enough, so not supported
        • To hear the calls with a song, it's necessary to start the song at the beginning. Use the BACK song, FWD song buttons.
      • Fixed bug in calculating time of first call: it often came too soon.
  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Songs tab:
      • When a beat button is triggered, the red color snaps in immediately. Previously, it faded in, making it harder to see if the timing was correct.
      • If recording a new beats file, and you decide to abort... previous beats weren't cleared until you re-record. Cleared immediately now.
      • Clave changes - using Cambio gear to switch clave sides - improved the accuracy and feedback notifications


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Get More tab: sometimes the "busy" prompt shown while downloading did not clear when done, fixed.


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Songs tab: when a new beats file is recorded, and then edited, the md5 check field was dropped from the Beats file in some cases.
    • Songs tab: improve logic to show the proper URL to download a song from; or playable location on hard drive.
    • Get More tab: when getting the latest beats [compases_para_canciones],
      • prompt to avoid overwriting files you have modified yourself.
      • prompt to avoid overwriting files when you already have a version of that song's beats.
      • new file Ya No Hace Falta, the disc version by Bamboleo. Just mentioning because it was a personal goal to figure out those odd rhythmic bits 😉
    • Songs tab: Additional test for Beats files with invalid content, raises a diagnostic message when loading.
    • Songs tab: RM Sample file (a sample file that should be included in original installation) is shown normally on the Songs tab


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • fix issue with showing the "scheme_" prefix for scheme folders twice


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Get More tab: more information about what's being added to your machine.
      • Getting Beats files: incoming files are compared with beats files you already have.
      • Then, for beats files you already have:
        • you can decide to overwrite or keep the ones you have.
      • Further... if you personally have authored changes to beats files:
        • then separately from the above, you can decide to overwrite or keep the ones with your own edits.
  • Docs (i.e. this website)
    • New video on how to upload songs/beats/calls to your Android phone.
      • See this site's page "The To Android tab"
  • RuedaMatic Player (Android app) [concurrent release, but no version level change in product]
    • Better diagnostics if the RM phone app has problems with your call files (via toast notification)


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • some essentially cosmetic changes


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • bug fix: If you loaded a song from a PC drive, it was only "remembered" on the Songs/Loader screen if it was "C:" drive. Now any drive letter works the same.


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Actually no changes in the main RM Editor (windows)
  • RuedaMatic Player (Android app)
    • improved popup messages slightly.
      • If RM calling is NOT disabled (Misc Settings), but init failed, we notify on each song start
        • likely cause of INIT failing: the TO ANDROID upload from the PC failed, or contains invalid moves.
  • scheme_rueda_wheelchair
    • in "Get More" tab... the scheme had some invalid moves, which worked on PC but failed on Android.
    • If you use that scheme, please download it again.


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Fixed bug on To Android tab. A hard-coded folder name, which meant upload would fail if your username is not the same as my username. Let's make it work on your computer too!


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Fixed bug on Songs Workbench, where "delete all remaining" button might be clicked. On click, all moves were deleted, instead of just the remaining moves.


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Fixed bug where the dashboard setting "call during the N count" was not working correctly if N > 1. Due to coincidences of code, it also caused the "delay" of a move to be ignored (if set). The phone app appears to have been working correctly for those settings however.


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Fixed bug where empty md5 field would be left in a new Beats file. It wouldn't raise an error due to the bug. PS If you see an md5 error, you can "FIX" it as a wizard. Change to wizard, load the file again, click FIX.


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Fixed bug where Sequence file didn't save, issues with the new tags field.


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Loading Songs is the big change
      • Songs tab swallowed the Get Music tab.
      • Songs now has two screens: Loader, and Workbench
      • Loader is basically the old Get Music tab, with updates
      • After you load a song, the Workbench is where you play with Beats/Gears/Calls
      • Beats are the fundamental value added of RME - so a grid of Beats files dominates the Loader screen
      • There is still a button to load other files, e.g. to add beats for new files
      • Along with better filtering, there is more sorting allowed on the Loader grid
    • The Loader screen has updates, as it moved from the Get Music tab to it's new home on the Songs tab
      • Call Sequences are the 2nd big value added of RME - so the grid shows you a new field "Tags"
      • Sequence files can have tags added, e.g. 'for beginner class', 'adv', 'show#1', 'show#2'
      • Tags are added on the Workbench screen. But they appear on the Loader grid. So you can better see which song to play next.
      • URLs where to buy the correct version of our songs can be clicked by Callers to buy the song here
      • The same purchase URL can be updated (by wizards) on the same grid
    • Diacritic handling more convenient. For move names and song names specifically:
      • In the Loader, you can filter 'que buscas' - without accents...
      • and you will find the song 'Qué Buscas...' with diacritic accents
      • OR in Moves, you can filter on 'recoge'... without accent...
      • and you will find the move 'Recógela' with the accent
    • Filter Clear buttons - added more uniformly across the various tabs and popup forms.


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Fixed a case where windows CRLF in beats files results in blank Loader grid.


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Extensive update to Songs tab.
      • the old "Get Music" tab is gone... or rather, becomes the "Loader" screen on the Songs tab.
      • You now flip back and forth on Songs, between the "Loader" and "Workbench".
      • Beats files are the basis of everything in RuedaMatic. So the beats grid is the basis of the new "Loader".
      • In addition to loading from the beats grid, you can still load a song from anywhere, using the "Loader" screen
      • When you add beats to any song, it automatically appears in the Beats grid for loading purposes.
      • The "Workbench" is basically the old Songs tab.
    • Numerous changes making screens more responsive to interdependent changes

Summary: This is the completion of the original vision of the Editor. Next, a period of bug fixes, then the official "Release" version!


  • RuedaMatic Editor (windows)
    • Sort by BPM (get music tab)
    • Sort by move lenght (moves tab)
    • FIX: saving move sequences on the Songs tab had issue with md5 field
      • try #2: linting passed, but there was still a runtime scope issue: fixed
    • FIX: lint suggested chg dynamic import to require: failed
      • this was for flow chart: dynamic import was restored


  • RuedaMatic Editor (Windows app)

    • md5 improvements: more than 1 checksum may be associated with a beats file or a seq file
    • BPM (beats per minute) field added to beats.xml field.
    • BPM now visible, only on Get Music tab right now
  • RuedaMatic Player (Android app) [concurrent release, but no version level change in product]

    • there's a popup toast message as each song starts, showing
      • any song: the RuedaMatic settings (ON/OFF, music vol, which count to hear the calls on)
      • For RuedaMatic calling: Is there a Beats file, is there a sequence file
        • if both "true" then you should hear the calls in the sequence file
        • if there is an RM beats file, then BPM will be displayed


  • RuedaMatic Editor (Windows app)

    • Better tooltips
    • Refresh button on Dashboard
  • RuedaMatic Player (Android app) [concurrent release, but no version level change in product]

    • Added Settings - in Miscellaneous category:
      • turn off Calls (function as an ordinary player)
      • adjust relative vol of music, so calls may be heard better
      • Choose to hear calls during the 1, 2, 3, or 4 count

3.0.6 baseline