# Set 2 - Second Steps

This is the second set of moves to try.

# Beats 4 and 8

Like we said in the last video... you don't usually shift your weight on the two beats 4 and 8.

But you don't just freeze: lots of other body motion should happen. You can shimmy the shoulders, make arm gestures, and many other things as you will see.

But most often, it's a foot TAP.

Spelling it out: suppose you do steps Left, Right, Left for 1,2,3...

... then your next weight shift will be to your Right foot, on beat 5. But before that... on beat 4... you TAP with that same foot... the Right foot.

So... it's kind of a "preview" of the foot that will be stepped on next.

From here on, videos will be "taps included".

SONG: Havana City, Angel Bonne

The video is set up to be a mirror image. You could: Dance in front of a mirror, hold the device beside your mirror image. Your movement seen in the mirror, should be same as the video.

An image

this is a REVERSED, MIRROR IMAGE -- to view non-reversed, you can Download, e.g. if you install VLC player, you can flip the image