# Set 1 - First Steps

These are the first moves to try.


The dance music isn't just a continual blur of beats, start to end.

It's divided into melodic verses. Even if the singer isn't singing, the band usually continues those verses.

Those verses break down into line phrases. And those lines break down again, into dance phrases.

The dance phrase for Casino dancing is an 8-count of music. And most often, the song phrasing will resolve to an 8-count "feel".

For most moves... the dancer "shifts weight" on their feet 6 times out of that 8 count.

So the musical phrase goes like this, counting: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. We say the dancer "steps" on the 1,2,3, and 5,6,7 counts.

What about 4 and 8? You are still moving and flowing, as you will see, but not changing your weight on those beats.

Usually, Left, Right, Left ... pause ... Right, Left, Right ... pause.

# 1 = Left, 5 = Right

As a convention, we usually start our "suelta" (solo dance) with the left foot, on the beat 1.

We might just as easily start on the right foot. It's a convention, usually followed by rueda de casino leaders in Cuba.

Regardless, it's pretty easy to adapt from one way to the other.

Most moves have a feel of favouring one side for 1,2,3, then shifting to the opposite side for 5,6,7. A back and forth feeling.

# Beat 4 and Beat 8

Like we said above here... you don't usually shift your weight on the two beats 4 and 8.

But you don't just freeze: motion is happening. You can shimmy the shoulders, make arm gestures, and many other things as you will see.

But most often, it's a foot TAP.

IN THIS VIDEO: There was a conscious effort to avoid that tap... just for the first video... so we don't confuse the tap with the move itself. A tap or two did slip through anyway, you might notice 😉.



The video is set up to be a mirror image. You could: Dance in front of a mirror, hold the device beside your mirror image. Your movement seen in the mirror, should be same as the video.


SONG: Que Buscas, Alexander Abreau y Havana D'Primera

Salsa suelta batch 1

this is a REVERSED, MIRROR IMAGE -- to view non-reversed, you can Download, e.g. if you install VLC player, you can flip the image



The video is a plain video, not reversed etc. You can see it as if dancing a bit behind the leader. You might also find the mirror image of some use!


SONG: Sandunguera, Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco