# Rueda Set 1 - Start Rueda de Casino

Think of Rueda de Casino as, basically, moves you already know...

... with other people...

  • work with other people's momentum and energy... combined with your own
  • understand (and steal) other people's feeling and ideas
  • learn how to smooth edges... and work together...
  • and make everybody feel amazing.

It's Rueda de Casino... and it'll be awesome... dancing proof that "the whole is greater than the parts".

# Don't stop the suelta...

You'll bring back ideas picked up the rueda... work them in... have more fun than ever.


The best Rueda dancers are enthusiastic suelta dancers for life.

They're always developing a "personal spark"... that will energize every rueda they dance in.

Here's a rough mapping of some basic Rueda moves... and how they will build on the Salsa Suelta you already know.

[Camina ⬆️ = Camina IN]
[Camina ⬇️ = Camina OUT].

An image

... And so on!