# In a Nutshell

Rueda de Casino is a style of dancing with partners, within a circle. One of the dancers calls out moves, everybody follows.

Salsa suelta is how Cuban dancers usually start dancing, when they are about knee-high. And it remains a life-long pleasure for them. Solo, but in a group.

Back to the Music presents a different concept of learning to dance Rueda de Casino.

... Different to usual dance school methods outside Cuba.

  • We start dancing with the music, and never stop... timba, the hottest dance music in like, forever!
  • We learn the rueda movements, by dancing them in salsa suelta... not by memorizing foot placement. And we keep it up: more "suelta" will always make you a better dancer.

... Different compared to how Cubans learn.

  • Even in Cuba, calling a rueda with the music is too hard. Moving to rueda, they have to give up the musical connection they have in salsa suelta. Our technology lets us keep that, it's the best part...
  • Out of the vast culture of Cuban dance, we focus on "salsa suelta"... mainly the bits useful in "rueda de casino". No ideals other than having fun together - like a house party in Cuba!

# Back to the Music

# Rueda de Casino

Our ideal: to just plain enjoy it...like these dancers in Cuba... every time we dance...

# Salsa Suelta

How DOES the Cuban dancer generally develop that

  • fluid motion
  • confidence
  • personal style
  • music connection

... the big secret is -- "salsa suelta"... that's where all these skills grow the best.

But outside Cuba, salsa suelta is skipped over quickly. It's for beginners! Or at best, it's for "warm-up".

That's news... to all the Cubans who love the freedom it gives them to develop. Freedom to get with the music ... from age 9 to 90!

"Back to the Music" is made possible with software: RuedaMatic.